The Dynamo didn’t quite go to plan!

I’ll post a fuller post later, but twenty odd miles from the finish this happened to my rear wheel, forcing my retirement.

Don't think my rear wheel's supposed to look like this 😦

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First set back…

Midway through last year’s Dunwich Dynamo I had my chain blow apart, fumbling in the dark I managed to put the chain back together with the (less than ideal) chain splitter on my Lezyne mini-tool. Covered in chain oil, but suffused with a combination of relief and self satisfaction at having been able to get back on my way I ignored the fact that I’d significantly shortened my chain.

Feeling weary, it was the middle of the night, I, as I hit a steeper than anticipated hill, made a clumsy gear change, sticking the chain onto the largest rear cog, without shifting from the big ring on the front. This, combined with my shortened chain, drove my rear mech into my rear wheel, mashing my mech and wrecking my mech hanger. On the night, wielding the aforementioned Lezyne mini-tool chain splitter I removed the wrecked rear mech and managed to jury rig my chain on a near hopeless magic gear of, from memory, 36/13. Now truly caked in chain oil I gingerly limped to the nearest train station to ignobly wait for the first train the following morning. Not a vintage Dynamo.

While I ordered a new mech hanger soon after, since then I’ve been riding my touring and commuting bikes, so hadn’t got round to repairing the Synapse. With this year’s Dynamo next week, I decided this weekend I’d better get round to fixing the Synapse. It soon became apparent that as well as bending the mech hanger I’d managed to bend the dropout it bolts to. Trying to bend this, with a G-clamp, sufficiently into shape that I could attach the new mech hanger, I managed to snap the damn thing. In doing so I have, I think, written off the Synapse. So I’m going to need a new road bike. Like I say a bit of a set back.

Not sure I’ll manage it in time for next weekend’s Dynamo, but I think I’m going to opt for Genesis’s new disc equipped Equilibrium. Everyone I know who’s ridden one says the Equilibrium is a hoot to ride and I want to try out a road bike with disc brakes. The only downside I can see is that apparently the standard build Equilibrium disc is a bit heavy and comes with Shimano shifters – I prefer Sram. Checking out Genesis’s website the Equilibrium Disc’s frame isn’t that heavy, so the weight must be down to the build. So  I’m debating whether to buy the complete bike (which I might be able to do in time for next weekend) and then upgrade/lighten it by changing the wheels and a few other choice bits, or to buy a frame and build it up from scratch, which I definitely won’t be able to get ready in time for next weekend’s Dynamo.

On the upside my Milltag Dynamo jersey came through and this year’s design is just the nuts, the illustrations on Milltag’s website just don’t do the design justice. I’ll post some pictures as soon as I get the chance to take some and will keep you posted on bike developments.