Time to get serious.

Rapha and Ambitious about Autism held an information evening about the ride last Tuesday evening. It was a little sobering. It’s the first time they revealed to us, the riders, the intended route.

It’s approximately 210 miles, which is broadly what I’d expected, but they also revealed that the serious climbing, something like 2000 metres of it, is in the first 100km. This wasn’t a surprise, but was, like I say, a sobering thought. So strategically speaking the options now seem to be to either get stuck into some serious hill training around Dorking and Box Hill, or negotiate an alternate start from Nottingham. Hmmm, not quite sure I’ll be able to sell the latter to Simon Mottram, so it’ll be off to Dorking this weekend.

I’m also be riding the Dunwich Dynamo in a fortnight’s time, though I’ll be trying for a rather more ambitious finishing time than usual. I’ll keep you posted on progress.

I’ve also set up my fundraising page, you can find it at; http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/isthiswise .